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FHC works with people individually or together in teams to motivate personal and professional growth. The coaching sessions help people to realize their goals, be the best they can, and make decisions that will improve their life.

What is horse coaching and how does it work?


Horse coaching is quite a recent area of learning and development. It can be effective in many situations, such as helping a person’s career and development, or working towards their personal fulfillment. It develops rather than imposes. It reflects rather than directs.


By observing a horse´s response to an individual, we can learn how to improve our communication skills, as well as manage our emotions better.


Horses help anyone who wants to understand, how to understand themselves better. They know immediately how we feel and what our intentions are. Their feedback is authentic and direct.



The main difference between coaching and therapy, counseling, or psychology is that coaching does not claim to have the answer. Coaching helps you to find your own solutions and to become aware of your own potential to improve.


All coaching is completely confidential.


Horse coachings are highly interactive and provide an in-the-moment learning opportunity, teaching skills which can be difficult to acquire in more traditional settings. The unusual experience with a large animal in the indoor arena will have a lasting impact on you.


Why horses


Horses live in herds and are fully dependent on them for survival. Being an animal of prey and flight, any horse has the ability to assess any other living being (animal or human) in a split second. They need this ability to evaluate danger and to establish the hierarchy within the herd. In horse coaching, the horses’ reactions are based on their instincts. This lets the horses become instant mirrors and non-judgmental feedback mechanisms for humans. Horses respond to a person’s intentions, thoughts and emotions that are shown through body language and therefore reflect a person accurately.

A horse will only trust you and follow you if your actions reflect your intentions.


About me


With over 15 years’ worth of experience working as a flight attendant for KLM, I have gained a sound understanding of working with people and their different cultures.


As an experienced horseback rider, I contribute passion, knowledge of horses, horse behavior, and the ways in which horses interact with people.


Because I love working with people, I did a training to become a certified coach. As follow up, and to combine my passion with my work, I did my cortication as horse coach with the Horsesense training institute

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